Curated by Calum Hurley for  Melbourne Design Week
Christopher Boots
May 24 - May 26

HARD showcases the world queer people want, which is one of inclusivity and resourcefulness. Creating new works, each participant designs around the availability of found objects, often found from hard rubbish, to create a range of design outcomes.

‘...I go looking for sticks’
Lucy Tolan and Juliette Berkeley

When she’s too horny to sleep, she goes to the park and looks for sticks.
She wanders around the streets at 5 o’clock in the morning, searching for rocks, lightbulbs, knuckled branches. She tries not to step on the cracks in the pavement. She tries not to think about anything in particular.

A seam is a break and a connection, all in one.
Do you think that objects remember things?
Would you consider candelabras to be gay?
Don’t look at her like that. She’s being serious, we think.

For three months, Lucy and Jules went on long walks, picked up trash, and talked about love The resulting works were an attempt to make something sensual out of rubbish.

Lucy turned her trash into a series of ceramic candelabras. Each piece was cast from molds of textured rocks and found objects. She layered every piece by hand, cutting her trash-casts apart, re-assembling them into something new. Lucy always keeps her seams visible.

Jules used a combination of latex and silicone molds to produce wax-based arrangements that utilise the textures and forms of scavenged sticks. They are barely functional, pretty phallic, and extremely flammable.

Photography by Kayla May Petty Kook